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Lulav and EsrogVayikra (Leviticus 23:39) commands us to take the “four species and recite a blessing while holding them together. They are the Lulav (palm), Hadassim (myrtle), Aravos (willow) which are held in the right hand, and the esrog (citron) held in the left. This beautiful commandment is observed on each of the first seven days of the Holiday of Sukkos (except for Shabbos). These four species were specifically chosen by G-d for spiritual expression on the Holiday. Our Rabbis provide various explanations for what they represent. One message is that they represent different parts of our body. The Lulav represents the spine, the haddasim, the eyes, The aravos the mouth . These three merge with the esrog which represents the heart: teaching that we must serve G-d¬†with our physical body and our thoughts and feelings.

To order your Lulav and Esrog: Call Rabbi Israel Becker 520-747-7780

Ordering Deadline: 10 am, Monday, September 25, 2017

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