Children’s Education

Rabbi Becker with one of his precious grandchildren
Tucson’s Premier Jewish Montessori Preschool


Tucson Jewish Montessori combines the best of Montessori for both General and Judaic studies. Our guiding philosophy is “Teach the Child According to his Path” which promotes an unshakable belief in the “total child” and enables the child to discover his/her fullest potential. Tucson Jewish Montessori foster’s each child’s natural love of learning. We are dedicated to help our children develop the positive habits, attitudes and skills to pave the way for a lifetime of growth.

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Now enrolling Jewish children. Classes are aimed at 3- to 6-year-olds. Monday through Friday, with childcare available before and after classes. Download our printable Registration Form. Scholarships are available. For more information, please call Esther Becker at 520-591-7680.

Bar Mitzvah & Bat Torah Training

B0007057At Chofetz Chayim, we believe that preparing for Bar Mitzvah & Bat Torah is not just preparation for a specific day or event, but to quote one of our students, “working with Rabbi Becker” is preparation for life itself. In addition to learning text, Hebrew and familiarity with Synagogue life, young people are engaged in one-to-one interactive thinking and wwwelopment with Rabbi. Integral to this experience is the emphasis Rabbi Becker places on the enhancement of character and personal qualities of the student, without which, religious training is incomplete.

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