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Biblical Breakthroughs (For Men and Women)

      Day and Time: Fridays at 12:00 noon
      Cost: Your commitment to serious study

Get a “life lift” every Friday! Join Rabbi Becker for stimulating and provocative discussions based on the Torah portion, the Talmud and commentaries. Each week participants together “plunge” into the sacred texts leading to challenging questions and healthy debate. In our pursuit of truth our thoughts crystalize and we emerge each week with “breakthrough” lessons that reshape our values, enhance our character and bring refreshing new meaning to our lives.

Talmud Class for men 40+

      Day and Time: Tuesdays Evenings
      Cost: Your commitment to serious study
      Contact Rabbi Becker at 520-747-7780 or
Talmud Class for men 40+

Along the Talmudic Trail (For Men Ages 18-40)

      Day and Time: Mondays Evenings
      Cost: Your commitment to serious study

Acquire the skills to unlock the teachings of the Talmud.
Along the Talmud Trail

Why do Jews argue?…Why not? Our great grandfathers retired from business early so they could study Talmud. Learning Talmud is to participate personally in the great debates and rituals of Judaism. Talmud study puts you in the center of legal reasoning, critical analysis and argument that has strengthened Jewish belief for over 3,000 years. Your guides for this experience are Rabbi Becker’s enthusiasm and Rashi’s timeless commentaries. Where else can you become a Yeshiva student without leaving Tucson? This study will move your mind and your heart.

What People Are Saying

“I feel that I have learned more from this class than any I have ever taken. This class is incredible. You leave each week feeling totally energized.”

- Cliff Altfeld

Men’s Mishnah Club

Weekdays at 6:15 am, Sundays at 7:15 am, and Shabbos at 8:15 am

Join us and be dazzled by the vast scope of the knowledge of our Sages

from agriculture to astronomy, from architecture to business acumen, from medical to civil and domestic issues, from daily and holiday prayers to respecting others property, the Mishna covers it all. We are now in our ninth year and have already completed all sixty books of the Mishna. We are now in our second cycle. Come and be part of this amazing learning experience.