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Celebrating the Completion of the "Torah for the Future"

Handwritten literally under "missile attacks from Gaza" by an outstanding scribe in Ashdod, Israel, this Torah is invariably our boldest initiative. It is the first ever commissioned expressly for Chofetz Chayim and the Southwest Torah Institute.

With your participation in the beautiful mtzvah of writing a Torah, you will also be securing the future.


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An Appointment Made 80 Years Ago

by Rabbi Israel Becker published in the Arizona Jewish Post

One winter night in the mid-1960s, when I was a young teenager, the stage was set for a very important meeting in Israel this past May. Unbeknownst to me, the true genesis for this meeting had begun some 80 years ago.

On that winter night, a man arrived at my childhood home. I had never seen him before...

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Meet the Rabbi & Esther

Our parents' home was filled with reverence for life and Judaism. We saw an overwhelming generosity ...

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